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A Perfect Nootropic Stack?

Does it exist?  Well, if you are like us here at, you have been on a lifelong goal of the perfect blend for cognitive enhancement.  Some blends come close and for us, the TruBrain lineup of drinks and pills is nearly perfect.

If you’ve never tried to boost your memory before, you may not know what a stack consists of.  Essentially, a nootropic stack is a variety of different ingredients, herbs, minerals and vitamins that work in conjunction with each other to help boost your brain activity.

To make an analogy to physical fitness supplements, think of this as a pre-and post-workout supplement for your brain. You’ll find many fitness experts recommend protein, creatine, amino acids and other supplements that are needed for your muscles to grow optimally.

This is the same exact science behind a nootropic stack and what TruBrain aims to deliver.

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TruBrain has generated lots of buzz online and within the cognitive supplement market.  Early feedback shows that they created the perfect stack that works as a cognitive enhancer and memory booster.

We’ve seen a lot of products in the market that make dramatic claims that their product is the best, but when we tried TruBrain, the results were very impressive.

Let’s take a look at what this product has to offer, and what’s included in this nootropic stack.

The Science Behind TruBrain


Created by two neuroscientists from UCLA, Dr. Andrew Hill and Dr. Aida Attar, the goal of this supplement is to give you the competitive edge that you simply start losing as you get older. You may not have even had this edge before.

When this blend was created, the goal was for it to act as an alternative to caffeine or energy pills – and boy, does it work.

Ingredients in TruBrain

TruBrain ingredients

The developers behind this great product wanted to try something new. Instead of using the same exact ingredients that you’ll find in 99% of the products on the market, they chose to find all-natural ingredients that have been shown to boost your brain and neurotransmitter activity.

And every ingredient has a main role that shows extreme benefits for the user.

All-natural, you’ll notice very little side effects, if any, and all of these products work together with your body chemically so that you enhancing your body’s natural cognitive and memory abilities.

This isn’t a chemical-riddled supplement that you have to worry about using.

Decades of research and studying the perfect way to boost your mental energy, remember information, clear your mind and stay focused have went to this product.


We also want to note that this product is:

  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Made in California
  • Made with sustainable solutions
  • GRAS certified

Let’s take a look at the many ingredients that you’ll find inside of Trubrain.

  • Piracetam + Citicoline: These are the two ingredients that work to bring you to a whole new level of focus. These are raw materials that are needed by your brain’s neurons to enhance focus and concentration. In total, the supplement has 2.4 g of these ingredients.
  • LTheanine: An ingredient that is found naturally in green tea leaves. This ingredient has a calming effect and was used in ancient medicine to enhance calmness and relaxation.
  • Magnesium + Tyrosine: Nutrients that are often deficient in a person’s diet. Both of these ingredients play an important role in your brain function. Magnesium is known to increase blood flow and reduce stress, while tyrosine is an amino acid that helps your brain and the production of neurotransmitters.
  • Carnitine + DHA: Used often by athletes, carnitine is an actual antioxidant that is used for your brain. Founded in every cell of your body, you need this to clear away brain fog and remain focused. DHA actually comes from fish and algae, and helps boost your mood and memory. Together, both of these ingredients work in unison to boost your memory and your mood.
  • Oxiracetam: This is a boost that allows you to have deep focus. You’ll have several packets included, and should take these on days that you need the utmost in focus at all times.


As you can see, this may just be as close to the perfect nootropic stack as we’ve seen, but the way this product works is so different from the other products on the market that we need to discuss this immediately.

How Does Trubrain Work?

TruBrain review

Trubrain comes in a monthly package with three separate blend that you use as a Nootropic drink, or in capsule form, depending on which supplement you purchase. Both these work perfectly in my experience, but I personally prefer the drinks because they actually taste good and are more natural than taking a pill.

The three blends have been perfectly formulated for different times of the day:

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Boost

Provided in neat little packs, simply take your morning pack in the morning, and when you start feeling that afternoon drag, take your afternoon pack – it’s that simple.

The boost is normally taken daily when you need a little bit extra energy and focus. I find that this is best before a big exam, corporate meeting or other important engagement that needs your utmost focus and attention.

Immediately after taking my morning capsule, I found that I was more energetic and focused. I honestly didn’t feel like I needed to take the afternoon one, but it did provide a little extra boost that I needed. Boost, the last packet that I had to take in the day, put me into SuperDrive where my brain was more focused than I think it ever has been.

What I do want to mention is that these effects occur almost immediately, but they seem to pile on each other the more you take them.

For example, I start noticing that my focus and concentration increased after two and three weeks more than it did in the initial week. I believe this is caused by the body starting to get an appropriate level of all the ingredients to make up for a variety of different deficiencies in the body.

You’ll start to see that you can remember information, your cognitive abilities improve, and you’ll ultimately feel more energetic, calm, motivated, less stressed and focused.

I’m a firm believer that nootropic stacks work with your body to enhance your mental ability. Trubrain has really paved the way with an over-the-counter system that doesn’t force you to buy several products.


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