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I want to start a website that dealt with the reality of using smart drugs, also known as nootropics.

The reason was I was experimenting with them for around a year and really struggle. A lot of the quality out there is poor, and I was quite confused about the different ones and the effects they have.

For example, racetams. One name, about 15 different types of drug. Although all derivatives of the original in most cases, that’s not quite the whole story. So the effects are different, the chemical composition is different, and the potential side effects of this drugs class are all different as well.

So I want to go into the various types of nootropic in detail with you, and explain how they can benefit you.

On top of that, I want to talk about every day smart drugs like caffeine, and how you can regulate the jittery feelings and palpitations by using L-Theanine. This produces a smooth rush, which allows you to focus for a couple of hours in a wonderful way. It’s a cheap and affordable nootropic that anyone can benefit from as long as you use the combo I’ve just talked about.

I will also cover kratom in this nootropics guide website as well. I want to cover kratom because some people classed as a smart drug, even though it’s really not. But it does affect your mind, and can give you confidence and calm the effects of depression and anxiety, making it something that does impact on your mental health, so therefore could be seen as a nootropic.

I’m going to cover all the basics of using nootropics in a special guide I’ve written. You can read the nootropics guide by clicking here.

I’m also writing an A-Z of nootropics as well. That’s going to take some time, but as I write about them and explore them, so I will cover the basics with you.But you can view the A-Z of nootropics guide here.

My name is Adrian, and this is my nootropics website. It’s not something I’m going to update regularly, but I am going to make sure it’s comprehensive so you guys can benefit from my experiences.