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Noopept is a synthetic smart drug (nootropic), that’s been around since the early 1990s. But what is a typical Noopept experience, and is it worth using?

 In this quick guide I’m going to review Noopept in detail. In five minutes I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about how it works, what it’s cognitive benefits are, and I’m going to go through my own first Noopept experience in detail with you.

 Plus, I’m going to tell you if Noopept is legal, why you shouldn’t trust things you read about smart drugs like Noopept on Reddit, and if you can actually buy Noopept that safe to use.


What Type Of Smart Drug Is Noopept?

 Because all nootropics are called “smart drugs”, beginners just think that every drug makes you smarter so you can over perform. That’s not the truth at all though. In fact, use badly, you can hyperfocus on things which are relevant and end up drifting badly without achieving anything at all.

 Noopept has been shown to have significant cognitive effects. However, it can be variable in those effects depending on several factors, and Noopept does have the potential for significant side effects and withdrawal problems if you get too used to it. Don’t worry though, I’m going to talk you through how to stay safe with Noopept.

 It was first synthesized in the early 1990s. Noopept is a brand name for the active ingredient I’m not even going to bother typing because you wouldn’t be able to pronounce it. But the active ingredient is a prodrug of something called cycloprolyglycine. Catchy yeah?

 It’s also known by the name Omberacetam, especially in the UK and USA. The FDA in America has warnings against using it, and in the UK, it is outlawed under the psychoactive substances act 2016. It is considered to be similar to piracetam in these countries, although more powerful (average Noopept doses are 50 mg or less while piracetam doses can be several thousand milligrams).

 But in much of Europe, especially Eastern Europe and Russia, Noopept is routinely used, and even available on prescription.  This is despite there not having ever been any full human trials done on it!

 In fact, the exact mechanism of action is unknown.  But generally it is classed as a racetam, despite having a slightly different chemical structure.


Noopept Benefits & Effects Explained

 Because the exact mechanism of action of Noopept is known, all that we have been able to do is to guess at how it works based on the probability due to its structure, and how it feels.

 It seems to be that Noopept stimulates benzodiazepine receptors in the hippocampus. This is a complex brain structure deep inside the temporal lobe. It’s little known, but an aside here is that humans actually have to of these, collectively called the hippocampi, one on each side of the same area of the brain.

 These benzodiazepine receptors are part of the GABA receptor complex, a key part of the central nervous system.

 GABA is the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter in the human CNS. This naturally occurring amino acid helps to lower anxiety by depressing activity in the central nervous system. Hence, Noopept makes you feel chilled out.

 Also, Noopept stimulates the production of glutamate. This is the main excitatory neurotransmitter. Higher levels mean you are more positive, happy, and ready to get out there.

 Noopept can also raise levels of two chemicals that help with the formation of memories and the recall of them as well. These two chemicals are BDNF and NGF.

 Although not proven in any way, Noopept structure is thought to lend it to being neuroprotective. Observations in rats have shown that it has the ability to minimize cognitive decline, and even in some places send it into reversal.

 Put together, Noopept is not potent. It’s not overwhelming in what it does, or how it makes you feel, unless you take a very high dose and you do so over a prolonged length of time so the effects build up.

 But you will feel calm, happy, positive, focus, and cognitively sharper when using it, even just once.


Is Noopept Legal To Buy And Use?

 As you’ve already seen, Noopept is not legal in the UK. It is banned under the psychoactive substances act.

 However, in many parts of the world it’s not illegal to use it. This is actually also the case in the USA, where although it’s not licensed, it’s not illegal to buy it and use it. So in personal terms, you’re not going to get into trouble using Noopept.

 Just make sure that you buy it from a reputable online seller that has a good track record of delivering high quality nootropics. Don’t for the love of God by from some crap little site, or somewhere like Craigslist, or “some guy off Reddit”. There is also no Noopept Amazon option – you can't buy smart drugs on Amazon!


My Noopept Experience In Detail

 So I’ve tried Noopept twice. I want to talk to you about my first Noopept experience, and then what happened the second time I used it.

 You can buy Noopept pills, or you can buy it as powder. Powder is the cheapest form. Don’t bother buying it in suspended liquid, because it’s far more expensive for the dose you will receive.

 The first time I took Noopept, I experienced the following:

  •  I felt more balanced in mood (it levels alpha brain waves)
  • It helps me to be more productive
  • I didn’t suffer from brain fog for a few hours
  • I felt deeply calm with a fantastic outlook
  • I had a longer attention span
  • Noopept made me feel like my brain was working faster and smarter

 What I will say is that it wasn’t as strong as I thought it would be. I didn’t take a particularly high dose, 20 mg the first time.

 But it really helps my mood, and I felt dramatically calmer and happier. More positive, more ready to engage.

 I think some people don’t believe Noopept works at all, because they don’t “feel it”. I must admit that’s a bit how I felt, but it wasn’t until I was coming down the other side that I realized the effects had been in place.

 But there definitely was an improvement in key cognitive performance, and I felt significantly calmer as well.

There is no magic kick though. You won’t feel like you’re limitless. If you have used a good dose of caffeine with L-Theanine then you’ll know what Noopept will feel like. But it’s a little more turbocharged than that.

 So for me, my experience with Noopept was positive, not as good as I thought was going to be though.

 I tried it again a few days later and had a slightly better experience. But still not great, not enough to make me think “wow I need this stuff in my life”.


Get Your Dosage Of Noopept Right For The Best Experience

 Now I will admit that I was conservative when using Noopept because I’ve read some horror stories about addiction and withdrawal from it.

 I kept my dosage of Noopept low; 20 mg the first time, 30 mg the second time.  This still gave me an average Noopept duration of 3 hours before it quickly faded (but it has rapid onset).

 The thing about Noopept dosing and usage is you have to build up the effects. You’re meant to use low doses a couple of times per day over several days to start to build up the full effects.

 A lot of people use it regularly say to take 10 mg a day, three times per day for the first week. Then ramp it up to around 50 mg. For best results take Noopept on an empty stomach.

 However, for a synthetic nootropic that has withdrawal problems, there was no way in hell I was going to do that.

 However, it can be powerful if using occasional stronger doses. If I was going to do it again, I’d probably hit myself with 50 mg to be honest.

how to use noopept and dose it correctly


Watch Out For Noopept Side Effects & Withdrawal Problems

 So you have to use Noopept regularly to get the best cognitive benefits. You’ll also need to use it regularly if you want to experiment with its neuroprotective qualities.

 The stronger the dose, and the more frequently you use it, the more the effects will build up and be stronger.

 However, Noopept has reported side effects that are pretty nasty for some people.

 Noopept significantly depletes choline. This causes bad headaches. That’s easily solvable with a good choline source stacked alongside Noopept when you take it. Noopept and Alpha-GPC, or a similar choline supplement, is crucial.

 However, regularly use does create a notional dependency in some people. It makes them anxious when they stop dosing it, and they can have vicious withdrawal symptoms.

 For me, if I was going to use Noopept as a cognitive enhancer, then I would be using around 20 mg for two or three days per week, and then having at least a week’s break before dosing Noopept again. I wouldn’t be doing that every week, possibly two or three weeks and months, specifically when I needed to perform better.


Can You trust Noopept Reviews Online?

 I’m always sceptical of reviews, especially user reviews and even some of the big sites that do “cookie-cutter” reviews.

 When it comes to Noopept reviews online, as with all smart drugs, I think you have to realise that it’s subjective.

 Let me explain that. Let’s talk about coffee.

 Let’s say that I tell you in a review that coffee and caffeine are the best things ever. You’ll feel energised, focus, and get more done with no side effects. That’s my experience, and it’s completely true.

 You might then drink a load of coffee and feel jittery, anxious, distracted and irritable. You may not be able to sleep properly, and you might get damn all done.

 Two completely legitimate reviews of the same thing, but completely different experiences when using it.

 So read reviews of Noopept with a pinch of salt. They may not be inaccurate at all, but the exact experience you have could be very different. I hate to say it, but you’re going to have to buy it and try it for yourself. It’s the only way you’ll ever know.


Noopept Vs Piracetam:  Which Is The Most Potent?

 Piracetam is a true racetam. As I said earlier, Noopept is structurally different, it’s not a member of the same chemical family at all.

 So you’re comparing apples to oranges in terms of which is the most potent, similarity between effects, and the experience/results you can expect using either.

 So there can never be a clear winner in Noopept Vs Piracetam, because they are just not comparable.

 Some people will quote studies that allege Noopept is a thousand times more potent than piracetam. Now that may be partly true, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll get better effects using Noopept. All it means is that Noopept produces a similar level of effects at a much lower dose.

 However, Noopept is just more user-friendly. An average dose is 50 mg or less, whereas a dose of piracetam can be two or 3 g of powder.

 Plus, in user index analysis, Noopept was found to be nearly twice as likely to produce lower levels of side effects and negative experiences than piracetam.


Where You Can Actually Buy Noopept Legally

 So Noopept boosts focus, memory formation, retention, and recall, and it makes you feel calm and happy. Not overwhelmingly, and effects build up to become more beneficial with regular use.

 However, the caveat and warning is that regular use can build up to emotional dependency and vicious withdrawal symptoms in some people.

 These withdrawal symptoms can include headaches, nausea, insomnia, fatigue, and vicious anxiety.

 In the USA, you can buy Noopept legally. And good quality pure Noopept is made on the grey market and sold at an affordable price.



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