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Aniracetam is a synthetic nootropic in the class known as racetams, and has been shown through studies and anecdotal evidence online, to have some significant cognitive benefits.

My own personal point of view on Aniracetam effects this stuff is…..WOW! So many good things, so few side effects. But please, treat it with a healthy respect to avoid side effects.

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I’m going to save you the trouble of trawling through Aniracetam Reddit discussions, and poor quality information by putting everything together here in a complete guide.

We will discuss benefits, how Aniracetam feels when you use it, whether it can be used as an antidepressant, if it’s any good for sexual dysfunction, brain benefits, dosage and cycle length, side effects, and where to buy Aniracetam powder, capsules and pills at the best price.

Aniracetam Benefits: Mood, Focus, Sleep, & Neurotransmitter Changes

Let’s start by giving you the good stuff first. Let’s talk about the exact Aniracetam benefits that are delivered once you get to a good level of dosage.

Here’s the snapshot of the effects & benefits of Aniracetam:

  • Significantly better focus
  • Higher level of attention (longer attention span)
  • Superior ability to take on mental tasks
  • Improved memory formation and retention
  • Creativity boost
  • Lifts your mood (antidepressant)
  • Improved verbal fluency
  • Better social skills and confidence (antianxiety and social confidence)
  • Enhances colors and sharpens your vision
  • Lowers levels of anxiety and stress
  • May help to fight the effects of cognitive decline

Aniracetam is a synthetic smart drug, a nootropic substance, that is part of a family of drugs called Racetams.

Racetams take many forms, including Piracetam. All subsequent Racetams are derivatives of this original Racetam. However, despite this structural similarity, many of them offer slightly different effects.

Piracetam was mild, but they get progressively stronger. Notably, Oxiracetam and Phenylpiracetam are stronger derivatives.

Interestingly, Aniracetam is the most studied of this class of smart drugs, since it was developed back in the 1970s. In some parts of the world, it’s also prescribed officially, and so has strong amount of observed evidence of its benefits and problems.

Aniracetam Supplement Brain Benefits

Aniracetam significantly boost your cognitive abilities. Your mental performance will rise, and you’ll have a stronger ability to concentrate, store and recall information, make fast decisions, and really be “on it”.

This makes it perfect for studying, project development, high stress business environments, or simply progressing personal tasks and goals at a far faster rate than can be achieved naturally, with elevated levels of performance and outcome.

Details of the benefits in the brain of using Aniracetam are:

Better memory formation and recall:

Overall, you’ll improve your memory significantly. It’s a great benefit of using this smart drug. Studies have shown then it can boost your ability to form memories and recall them faster and more completely.

Improved awareness:

Aniracetam will boost your levels of awareness. The actual average attention span for most humans is less than 10 seconds. Beyond that, we have to deliberately focus, and learn to do so. This smart drug helps to lift your attention span so that you can focus better, and for longer. That’s why it’s actually used off prescription by some people suffering from mild ADHD symptoms.

Longer attention span and higher level of focus:

I was amazed at the length of my attention span once a dose of Aniracetam had kicked in. Usually, especially as I get older, I struggle to stay focused, especially as I work from home. But now, within an hour of taking a dose, I’m focus for an hour at a time, for three or four hours I’m hyper focused on what needs to be done.

Lift your mood and reduces levels of anxiety:

Most Racetams don’t actually lift your mood, but Aniracetam can elevate your mood and reduce anxiety levels, especially social anxiety. It can energies you, making you feel more motivated and focus, while reducing stress levels, and minimizing mood swings.

How Does Aniracetam Work?

So let’s dive into how this cognitive goodness all actually works. What is the mechanism of action that makes Aniracetam so potent yet tolerable?

For a start, Aniracetam has a very good level of bioavailability and level of absorption. That means it gets to work more completely, and quickly.

You can enhance this even further by taking it with a fat source, because it’s fat-soluble. Some people mix it with full fat milk in a milkshake, if they are using the powder, for example.

Others take it with fish oils, Omega 3 & 6, because it’s helping with a more rapid and complete absorption, and is good brain food.

Interestingly, no research studies have actually properly established how Aniracetam works in the body, which is common for most Racetams. But it certainly does work.

What is known though, is that it modulates a few neurotransmitters, meaning it helps to improve the amount and clarity of the neurotransmitters available.

What we do know is that it modulates these three neurotransmitters with 100% certainty:


This crucial neurotransmitter helps to boost our cognition. It promotes the synaptic release throughout the ACh system in the body. Aniracetam binds to these receptors, and not only prevents inhibition, but also boosts release. ACh is crucial for many cognitive functions, including learning, memory, your attention span and concentration levels, and pulling those cognitive processes together.


Aniracetam also boosts and modulate the activity of our happy hormone serotonin. This will elevate your mood, increase your confidence, reduce your anxiety, and increased levels of mental energy. Serotonin is crucial in the brain that sleep, memory, stress reduction, and other key neurological processes.


This is our determination hormone. It’s our pleasure, risk, and reward center neurotransmitter. Higher levels of dopamine have been linked to higher levels of addiction, because of the release once you have achieved what you are trying to get, which is how many illegal drugs work in terms of addiction. It helps to regulate our emotional responses, body movements, and mood. Aniracetam binds to both serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitters to stop them being broken down as quickly, which helps to regulate our mood and responses.

What Exactly Does A Dose Of Aniracetam Feel Like?

I’m telling you that a good dose of Aniracetam makes you feel very good. In fact, I used it to help produce this piece of writing.

Usually, I will procrastinate, write a few paragraphs, go back over it, walk away, find my mind wandering, and never quite get things done.

I decided to use what I’m writing about to write about it. Aniracetam gave me the ability to write 3000 words of good quality content (I’m hoping you are finding a good quality), in around 90 minutes. This includes research and editing.

Let me tell you, especially if you’re a professional writer, but that is an incredible feat. 3000 words in 90 minutes, with full editing, is almost impossible under normal human circumstances.

You will just feel sharper and more focused. There’s no rush, it’s not unsettling, you will just start to feel able to home in on what you need to do, and focus on it relentlessly.

The mental resources you need, the clarity, the memories, the formation of good ideas, will flow effortlessly, you won’t struggle.

If you need to speak, if you need to articulate, then this stuff will make it flow out of you like dreams. You won’t struggle, and you will be fluent in your thoughts and words in a way that you simply are not usually.

Aniracetam Dosage Guide: High, Average, And Beginners Dose Discussion

One of the confusing things about nootropics generally, and especially different types of racetams, is getting the dosage right.

Because these things aren’t usually prescribed for humans, it can be tough to understand what the doses, especially as the dosage range varies wildly between the different types of racetam.

However, as Aniracetam is widely used by humans, and prescribed for use on humans, we do get a far better idea of the dosage range that works for the effects you are looking for.


  • Low dose 500 mg per day
  • High dose 3000 mg per day
  • Sweet-spot around 1500 mg (split dose)

Although it will vary on an individual basis, the usual dosage ranges between 750 mg and 1500 mg per day.

However, 3000 mg per day has been used during some studies, and has been shown to be well tolerated by both men and women.

Up to 700 mg per dose, three times per day, is often prescribed for ADHD. So as you can see, it varies wildly.

Having said all that, if I were you, starting out for the first time, I would use an Aniracetam dosage of 500 mg in one dose per day. See exactly how you feel on that minimum dose for four days.

Then bump it up to 750 mg for the next experience. Then up to 1000 mg (once or twice per day). You should be getting a great feeling somewhere in that dosage range.

Then, if you still feel you want a little more, bump it up to 1200 mg. Once you get to a level where it feels too much, or you’re not deriving any additional feelings of benefiting, then you have found your ceiling.

Once you’ve found your ceiling, drop it by 100 or 200 mg, and you should then be within your sweet spot.

What’s The Best Time Of Day To Take Aniracetam?

The best time to take Aniracetam is just before you need it. You don’t need to take it first thing in the morning.

As it’s fat-soluble, consume it with some oils or fats, so that you get the best chance of it getting to work as fast and completely as possible.

You should feel the full-spectrum dose effects within about one hour, but this can depend on the individual, and how much you’ve eaten as well.

My take, whether you are using Aniracetam powder or capsules (which take slightly longer to get to work), is to simply drink some full fat milk with them.

So, the best time of day to take it is about one hour before you really need to start performing.

It’s half life is only around three hours, so its effects are known to be short and sweet. Take it one hour before you need it, and expect to get two or three hours of really good performance out of it before the effects start to significantly taper down.

Can Aniracetam Help With ADHD Symptoms

Aniracetam definitely can help with ADHD symptoms. It creates clarity and focus, and stimulates you to be able to have clear chains of thought that you can keep control of.

It helps with the distraction and mind drift, evens out mood, and really can alleviate some of the symptoms that hold you back.

However, note that it only really works well for lower levels of ADHD symptoms. If you’re on significant medication like high doses of Adderall to control your ADHD symptoms, then stick with that, and do not swap onto Aniracetam.

Aniracetam And Sleep

Unfortunately, the jury is out on whether Aniracetam can help you with sleep. There are a number of reasons why it’s inconclusive.

Studies on animals have shown potential for alleviating REM sleep disorders, and regulating the circadian rhythm. However, nothing in humans has demonstrated the same thing.

Anecdotally, some people say it helps them sleep. But only if they take it a couple of hours before they go to bed, and not as a direct intervention to help with their sleep.

Many people, including me, note more lucid dreams if using Aniracetam close to the time you go to bed. For some people, that can be as bad as being aware of their dreams for most of the night. They don’t awaken exhausted, but often do state a strange experience.

For me, Aniracetam is not a nootropic that you should be considering to help with sleep, when there are far better options out there.

Using Aniracetam To Help With Erectile Dysfunction And Premature Ejaculation

There’s really no evidence that Aniracetam can help with your sex drive. In fact, most people using racetams seem to find that they actually have a lower libido, especially with persistent use.

In terms of erectile dysfunction, it doesn’t help at all, and in fact can make erectile dysfunction worse.

In terms of premature ejaculation, and lack of sexual feeling, Aniracetam has again been linked anecdotally on sites like Reddit as a guilty party. It seems that it can kill your orgasm to the point that you don’t feel anything if you are a regular high dose user.

I’ve not experienced that, but I’m only an occasional user. But there’s so much anecdotal evidence out there, I would not be trying to use Aniracetam to deal with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or a low sex drive.

If you want help with erectile dysfunction, then these are far better options:

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Aniracetam Cycle Length: How Long Should You Break For?

Some people claim you should take Aniracetam for weeks on end to build up a constant heightened level of cognitive status.

Some advocate taking it for a week, then stopping for a week. Some for a month, then a month off.

Basically, everyone is making stuff up. The truth is, nobody really knows.

However, although it has been prescribed constantly, you really shouldn’t be taking it constantly, not even for something like ADHD.

Me? I advocate a four days on, then three days off strategy. Use the four days of the week you’re on it to be most productive, and then wind down.

After one month of this, take a full month’s break. This allows you to rebalance back to natural levels, assess if there’s been any side effects or problems that have lingered, and allow you to see if and a set is having a genuine notable effect on your daily life.

Aniracetam Reddit User Reviews – What Do Real People Say?

Aniracetam reviews online, especially on sites like Reddit, and other user reviews you might see, are completely anecdotal.

In writing this I’ve tried to stay away from too much personal recommendation, or speaking to detrimentally either.

It’s all about balance and how you are affected individually. Sure, looking at lots of reviews and articles you can get a good idea on whether it’s right for you, and whether the risk profile works for you as well.

So my advice is to really not put too much stock on individual reviews, but to look at a range of information and user experiences so you can start to understand how it could work, or not, for you.

My Experience Dosing Powdered Aniracetam

Having said all that, I just want to touch on my own experiences dosing powdered and reset, to give you a broad idea of how it’s worked for me.

1. Cognitive benefits:

I just felt sharper and better on this stuff. A little sharper and better each day, and by the end of day four, very sharp from the get go. My mental reflexes were faster, I was just thinking with better clarity, getting better ideas, and felt I could shape and create in a way I can’t naturally.

2. Concentration benefits:

I want to just specifically mention concentration benefits outside general cognitive benefits. My concentration was superb. Far longer than usual, where I would always struggle.

You know how you find yourself drifting after five or 10 minutes doing something boring or repetitive at work, or even when you’re trying to focus on something creative yourself? Well, that vanished.

For a project I was doing at home, a creative task relating to game design, I was on it for three hours. What I was producing was excellent, and far more joined up than when I’m not using Aniracetam.

3. Anxiety & depression benefits:

I sometimes get mild social anxiety. That absolutely vanishes even on low doses of Aniracetam, which is why I try and get my four days on times when I have social occasions. My verbal and social fluidity explodes, and social interactions just flows so easily.

If I’m feeling blue, lonely, or just fed up with people in life, when I’m on it I know I feel better than when I’m on a break.

Best Aniracetam Stacks:  What Compounds Enhance The Potency of Aniracetam?

Aniracetam's effects can potentially be potentiated by substances that interact with the same brain receptors or neurotransmitters. Here are some substances that might potentiate Aniracetam:

1. **Cholinergic Supplements**: Aniracetam works in part by influencing cholinergic systems in the brain⁴. Supplements that increase acetylcholine levels, such as **CDP choline** or **Alpha GPC**, could potentially enhance the effects of Aniracetam. I always advise taking a choline source when using any racetam.

2. **Dopaminergic and Serotonergic Substances**: Aniracetam may also interact with dopaminergic and serotonergic systems. Therefore, substances that influence these neurotransmitter systems could potentially potentiate Aniracetam.

3. **AMPA Receptor Modulators**: Aniracetam binds to AMPA-sensitive glutamate receptors. Therefore, other substances that modulate these receptors could definitely potentially enhance the effects of Aniracetam, and in my personal experience do so.

Buying Aniracetam: Amazon, Mainstream Stores, Or Specialist Web Sellers Only?

Since the pandemic, getting your hands on pretty much anything has got harder on the grey market. That’s everything from SARMs, through new tropics, through to everyday supplements that were once cheap and plentiful.

A lot of the problem with nootropics substances is they were all made in China. Mostly this source dried up, and so Eastern Europe took up the slack. Then Russia invaded Ukraine, and so Eastern Europe has dried up.

Other places like India, and even some places in South America and Asia, do still make good quality stuff though, and it is imported by a handful of knowledgeable and experienced American retailers.

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