The best value, quality and trust company is back. Shop for high-quality nootropics, SARMs, peptides, and supplements now.


Are back? Hell yes! The best SARMs and nootropics seller is back after going out of business a year ago.

Let’s be clear here, science didn’t go out of business because they were rubbish. They were under intense regulatory scrutiny from the FDA, who were out to get them.

The word on the street is that they close down, dealt with the regulatory issues, and have reopened now they have secured fresh stocks and production abilities.

So although closing was a shock to many people, and they have been scrapping around looking for SARMs and nootropics for over a year, the boys are back in town and the game is back on.

But there are some changes, so let’s take a look at everything you need to know about the return of right now.

What’s Changed At Science?

The biggest change is that some of the substances and supplements they sell are now more tightly regulated.

For some of the things you want to add your shopping cart, you’ll have to create an account and have your identity verified to ensure that you are a citizen in a country whose legally allowed to use these research chemicals.

Course, you aren’t using them for human consumption, are you. But in order to comply with regulations on traceability, you may have to register and verify yourself in order to get hold of some of the more potent nootropics and bodybuilding supplements they sell.

However, for most of the supplements I’ve seen, you don’t need to do this. That includes most nootropics, including things like Semax, Noopept and Racetams. SARMs  – Quality & Range

All of the SARMs that science used to sell are back and ready to order now using the preorder system the company has in place until they are up and running.

Prices are absolutely excellent as well. At the minute, if you preorder, you’ll get 20% off as well.

Here’s an example:

MK-677 liquid, dosed at 25 mg/mL (750 mg dose) is just $39.99 – CLICK HERE TO VIEW

To put that in perspective, from Behemoth Labz or Chemyo, the other reputable SARMs sellers left in existence, you are paying double or more of the price for comparative dose.

SARMs stacks are back as well. Click here to take a look at the incredible deal they have on SARMs stacks:

Complete SARMs bundle deal

Basic SARMs bundle deal

Novel SARMs bundle deal

Complete metabolics bundle (incredible deal that saves you $150)

So, if you’re in the market for high-quality SARMs liquid and powder, and you been struggling to get high purity and reliable supplies, then is back to supply your needs.

NOOTROPICS: Delivers A Huge Range

If you missed the biggest range of nootropics available, then you’ll be jumping for joy when you see that everything science used to sell is now back and available for preorder (with live delivery on orders coming soon).

As with SARMs, nootropics are available 20% off of you preorder. You’ll get your order in a few weeks, and you’ll save a bundle.

In fact, the bundles are a great place to start, check some out here:

Complete restricted nootropics bundle set (account and approval required)

Novel nootropics bundle

Basic nootropics bundle

Complete racetams bundle

You’re getting 20% off here, so by buying now, when you are getting your individual nootropics, all these incredible value already bundles, delivered, you’re getting cheap nootropics use four months into the future.


If like me you love Semax nasal spray for its instant hit and clarity, then you going to be delighted to know that it’s back.

Semax acetate spray

N-Acetyl Semax acetate spray

N-Acetyl Semax amidate acetate spray

Semax bundle deal

Semax & Selank bundle deal

Save A Ton With Nootropic Bundles

In fact, no matter what nootropic you are looking for, then the bundle deals offer a great reduction in price, and you’ll get 20% off if you preorder now.

Here’s four of the best ones I highly recommend you check out:

Selank bundle

Novel Nootropics bundle (resricted – approved account required)

Complete Nootropics Bundle

You can also buy Phenibut and buy Noopept both as single powder and liquid supplements, and as part of bundle deals.

Put that altogether, and the return of is an event that anyone into nootropics, SARMs, or other grey market research chemical supplements, should be celebrating and getting involved with.

You'll also get free shipping within the USA on orders over $100 in value. Shipping outside the USA is also cheap and affordable.

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