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Kratom can be very complex to experiment with, and just as difficult to explain to newcomers.

It’s simply not linear in the experiences it gives, for a variety of reasons I’m going to explain to you right now.

In this complete kratom dosing guide you going to learn everything you need to know to use kratom more consistently.

Dosing, the importance of vein colour and strain, avoiding side effects, avoiding tolerance, potentiating kratom, and I will close by telling you the single most important thing you can do to ensure a consistently positive experience using kratom.

How Important Is The Vein Colour For Dosing?

There are predominantly three different colours of kratom, green, white, and red. These colours are not stated because of the colour of the powder. Kratom powder is all green. The colours relates to the colour of the veins in the kratom tree leaves.

There are three types of kratom with three slightly different sets of effects:

  • Red kratom has an alkaloid profile that delivers high levels of analgesia and sedation
  • Green kratom tends to have an alkaloid balance between red and white
  • White kratom has an alkaloid profile that delivers more stimulation

However, kratom doesn’t work in a linear fashion. At higher doses (we will discuss dosing in detail later) the saturation of the two main alkaloids in kratom creates analgesia and sedation regardless of the vein colour.

So at low doses yes, you will get different effects. And if you want that sedating and analgesic effect, then red kratom and green kratom will tend to deliver it at lower doses than white.

Overall though, the higher the dose, the less difference there is between three kratom types.

In fact, my personal experience is that if you give most people some green, white, and red kratom to take at a dose of 6 g or higher, they will struggle to tell the difference between white, green, or red.

So what I’m saying here is that the vein colour does not make as much difference as many people claim.

How Much Importance Should You Attach The Kratom Strain For Dosing?

When it comes to dosing kratom, and determining effects you’ll get, how important is the strain you use?

The problem is half the strains are made up. They don’t actually exist in the countries kratom is grown in, and definitely not in the way we understand.

Let me give you a classic example to explain what I mean.

The island of Borneo is a kratom producer. It’s owned by Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei.

So is kratom from Borneo classed as Malaysian, Indonesian, or Borneo kratom? I’m telling you that the same kratom is sold by sellers under all three different names.

More than that, the Indonesian area contains the five Kalimantan provinces.

So is the kratom grown on Borneo to be called Indonesian, Kalimantan, Malaysian, or Borneo kratom?

In reality, the same kratom from the same trees across the island is often labelled up by Western sellers as four different types.

So White Borneo kratom could be exactly the same kratom is another bag labelled up as White Indonesian, white Malaysian, or even White Kalimantan kratom.

Overall, the strain itself is pretty much irrelevant, because 90% of the time the kratom is generic, and comes from a wide variety of sources across a wide area which is then sold on, bulked together, mixed up further on import, and then finally sold with a label slapped on it.

Therefore, the exact strain of kratom is pretty relevant to dosage. Although you can get some trends, that only holds true if the kratom you are buying is from the exact region, and is 100% pure in its construction.

Basic Kratom Dosage Range Guide

Let’s turn now to the exact kratom dosage ranges you should be using to get the effects you need.

As I’ve already stated, the composition of kratom varies wildly.

You could buy White Borneo kratom from one vendor that has an alkaloid content around 1.3%. You could buy another lot from another buyer and it could have up to 2% alkaloid content.

So dosage range cannot just be a blanket thing. Kratom is not a standard dosage item. There is no such thing as dosage purity with kratom, in the way you might understand it with man-made nootropics.

Worse than that, some of the kratom is blended, and you get deterioration of its quality with poor storage. Also, the age of the kratom lowers alkaloid content.

That’s why you will get someone on Reddit saying they had 2 g of White Borneo and felt a rush of energy, and someone else will claim that’s rubbish because they had 2 g of White Borneo and felt nothing.

Apart from all the variables of kratom you buy, it’s obvious to me, and from information online from other people reporting, that kratom effects vary wildly.

In fact, you could take several grams of kratom and get a certain feeling from it. You could take exactly the same batch of kratom a few days later and get slightly different feeling.

So who you are, how your body processes things, and how you are mostly at that moment also feeds into the effects that kratom will deliver.

All we can do then, is give you some brackets as a starting point to work within.

For me, these are the brackets you should be looking at working your way through:

  • Beginners dose up to 2 g
  • Moderate dose up to 4 g
  • Strong dose up to 6 g
  • Potentially overwhelming dose up to 8 g
  • Really “don’t go there dose” of 10 g and higher

Now the above only applies to good quality standard kratom powder. For poor quality powder, you could add 1- 2 g onto the top end of each of those brackets.

For kratom extracts, you could divide those by four. The beginners dose would be as little as half a gram of good quality kratom extract powder.

Frequency Of Dosing

Some people take kratom once per day. Some people take it two or three times per day.

I personally think that if you are doing that you are running huge risks with addiction, and have some problems you need to confront desperately.

If you are trying to get off opiates, or be an alcohol addiction, and you are substituting those for kratom in the short term before tapering down, then I can understand it. But for normal use, it needs to be far less frequent than every day.

Personally I would suggest a single dose per day, and that you don’t take more kratom for at least two days afterwards.

Also, the strength of the dose feeds into that recommendation as well. If you are taking 3-4 grams every three days, then there’s no problem. But, if you’re taking 10 g every three days, then that is a problem.

How To Potentiate Kratom Effects

Although many people don’t believe it, it is totally possible to potentiate (increase and improve) the effects of kratom and the overall experience you have by potentiating the powder.

Potentiating means to take the kratom with something else that whatever reason chemically helps to enhance the effects, or makes absorption and availability in the body more efficient.

Let’s now take a look at the main substances that are proven potentiators of kratom.

1. Turmeric

You should probably be taking a turmeric (specifically a curcumin) supplement for general health anyway. It’s brilliant is a natural anti-inflammatory, antianxiety, antiviral, and it has neuroprotective properties.

In terms of kratom, turmeric can slow down and also metabolisation of the kratom. Basically, more kratom will be processed so that you get the benefits.

2. Cats claw

Cats claw is a botanical compound that grows mostly in southern and central America. Again, you should be taking this anyway because it has antiviral properties, and can boost the immune system.

However, it’s not a true potentiator. But how it benefits you taking kratom is that it contains an alkaloid called rhynchophylline. This compound can help with symptoms of lightheadedness and unsteadiness, both of which can happen with kratom.

So by using cats claw, you can offset some of the most common side effects, allowing you more chance of enjoying better kratom experience. You should really stack cats claw with another compound that is a true potentiator (turmeric being a great one).

3. Acidic compounds

It’s been found that acidic compounds can break down the kratom before digestion, allowing for faster and more complete hit.

It works by breaking down the kratom molecules in advance. That means your stomach has to do less work on this, it happens faster, unless is lost through contact with stomach acids.

The easiest way to do it is to just mix your kratom with an acidic juice about 15 minutes before you consume it.

Grapefruit is actually anecdotally talked about as the best acidic kratom potentiator. If you like grapefruit juice, brilliant.

If you don’t, I’d suggest a 50-50 mix of grapefruit and orange, or some other acidic juice.

How To Avoid Kratom Tolerance

Tolerance refers to needing a larger dose to achieve the same effects of any substance.

The most common is alcohol tolerance. Remember the first time you had a drink? Just a few and you will really feel drunk, right?

But now, many years later, you can knock back drinks like there’s no tomorrow and still be standing and lucid.

It’s the same with kratom. The kratom actually built up tolerance far more quickly in some people. In fact, some people say that the first kratom experience is never felt again.

Also, it’s the progression of dosing that some people suffer. Your first dose might be as low as 2 g. But then, a year later, you’re knocking back 10 g to get a similar level of kratom effects.

To avoid kratom tolerance you should stick to the following principles:

  • Always have a day off between doses
  • An ideal is more days per week not using kratom than using it
  • I stick to no less than three days between dosing
  • Ensure the dose is the absolute minimum you need
  • Potentiate your kratom dose
  • Ensure your state of mind is good prior to taking it
  • Don’t mix kratom with other substances (like alcohol)
  • Don’t substitute kratom for another poison like alcohol (unless desperate)

Increasing kratom tolerance will eventually lead to emotional, and then physical, dependence if you keep increasing the dose and frequency of dosing.

So, if you’re starting to “need” kratom, and your dosing more than 6 g per day, more days of the week than not, and when you aren’t you are anxious, then it’s time to confront a potential kratom addiction.

Kratom Side Effects Can Be Quite Random

Be aware when you are dosing kratom that side effects can be quite random. Problems you suffer during one experience will be repeated again.

For example, quite a lot of people experience anxiety when taking kratom. A rush of anxiety and change in heart rhythm. They can get quite panicked and it can be an awful experience, I know as it’s happened to me.

But then people say they put that kratom strain to the side and try another one and are fine. Then a few weeks later they come back to the original strain and feel fine again at the same dose.

So kratom can be quite random when it comes to potential problems and side effects.

Don’t disregard a batch of kratom, or kratom generally, if you have a bad experience.

My advice if you have bad side effects is to just stop taking kratom for a week or two, and then try it again with a slightly lower dose. Also try taking it at a different time of day, and be aware of what you have eaten prior to dosing.

The Most Important Thing That Guarantees The Best Kratom Experience

At the start of this I promised I would finish by telling you the most important thing you need to know to get the best possible kratom experience consistently.

It’s not about the vein colour. Yes, the alkaloid balance can be slightly different, but can even vary between batches from the same supplier.

It’s not about the strain. Yes, they can be slightly different, but most of the time the same kratom can be labelled up as three or four different things.

What it is about is the quality of the kratom. That’s the essential characteristic you need to focus on.

You are looking for superbly produced and stored kratom, that has a rich character and plenty of alkaloids in it.

That will allow you to get the purest, best, experience possible from the smallest dose.

There are several companies out there which produce great quality kratom. I’m not going to recommend several to you, because it can be a huge journey finding a reputable seller.

I will finish by inviting you to click here to check out a high-quality kratom seller that had years of experience and a brilliant reputation prices and a rich alkaloid content.

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