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There are a number of drugs in the racetam family, and it can be quite confusing to understand the effects of each one, as they can be radically different. In this review of coluracetam, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know quickly and in easy to understand terms, including what my first coluracetam experience was like.

 No scientific mumbo-jumbo here, just practical instructions for use, the actual coluracetam experience that is typical to have, and what the benefits of using this nootropic will be for you.

 But for crying out loud, don’t read about the coluracetam dosage you need on places like Reddit, or Twitter. Always get your information from people who have tried it, so you can experiment sensibly.


Coluracetam Development Explained

 Coluracetam, also known as MKC-231, is a fairly recent member of the growing racetam family, being first synthesized in 2005.

 Made by pharmaceutical company in Japan, the goal of the team behind it was to create a simple and cheap drug that could help to deal with Alzheimer’s disease. So it had to be a cognitive stimulant and have potential neuroprotective properties as well.

 However, it was dumped after the first round of clinical trials, because there was not enough positive data to show that it helped people with Alzheimer’s.

 However, despite the fact the reason for the trials ending is never been made clear, it appears to be safe. More than that, they were literally only looking at how it works Alzheimer’s, and not to see if it actually had cognitive benefits for healthy people.


Coluracetam Mechanism Of Action

 So let’s take a look quickly at how coluracetam exactly works, its mechanism of action that gives it the effects that can be so positive.

 Coluracetam works by triggering an increase in the use of choline in the brain. That’s why it’s essential you have a choline source to take with coluracetam, otherwise choline will get depleted rapidly and you can suffer from headaches and other side effects.

 This enhanced high affinity choline uptake kickstarts higher levels of production of ACh, one of the main neurotransmitters associated with cognition.

 So you’re getting quite a simple chemical reaction, and coluracetam is a single neurotransmitter drug. Some other smart drugs, and racetams for example can also interact with GABA, or dopamine, but coluracetam keeps it straight and simple by acting purely as a high affinity choline uptake enhancer. This makes it quite predictable, and you know what you’re going to get in terms of the benefits of this nootropic.


Coluracetam Dosage & Guide To Using It Safely

 Before I get into what sort of experience is typical coluracetam, I want to talk to you about how you take it and dose it, because this is crucial to your success.

 In terms of dosage, some people talk about 80 mg. But that’s insane. 50 mg a high dose as far as I’m concerned. In fact, I’d advise you make your first dose of coluracetam 10 mg. However, because of the short half-life you can dose up to 3 times per day.

 You can then walk it up 5 mg at a time, I would never advocate you take more than 20 mg of coluracetam unless you are stacking it with a good choline source like Alpha-GPC, otherwise the choline deficiency will be quite acute, and rather quickly.

use alpha-gpc with coluracetam for best experience

 In terms of actually taking coluracetam, it’s predominantly fat soluble, although not completely. So you can’t mix this stuff with water, unless you want to eat a muddy mess.

 You can either mix it with a liquid that contains fat, with milk being ideal, or you can use a sublingual dosage.

 For a sublingual coluracetam dosage, you can mix the powder with a suitable suspension liquid like propylene glycol.

 Coluracetam can also be administered via vaporization. However, I would actually recommend coluracetam vaporization as it’s not particularly efficient, and its onset is so rapid and aggressive they can lead to it tapering down very quickly as well.

 Just be aware that coluracetam is absorbed quite quickly, and you’ll get the effects within about 30 minutes. That’s how long it takes to reach high level plasma cells. It also means dosage needs to be quite tightly control, and you need to understand it’s not a long lasting nootropic.


How You Feel During A Typical Coluracetam Experience?

 I want to talk to you now about how I felt with my first coluracetam experience. I will say that after that first experience it never felt quite as good, but that’s typical with nootropics.

 However, it was very fast. I felt different in 15 minutes. Colors became more vivid, the world became sharper, and music just sounded so much better.

 These are the full effects that coluracetam should produce: 

  • Promotes wakefulness
  • Improves thought connectivity
  • Improves event immersion
  • Enhances your senses
  • Improves cognitive performance
  • Coluracetam lowers anxiety
  • Work performance will improve
  • Improves general focus

 If you’re anxious, coluracetam will help you. That’s why it’s good for short bursts of intense studying, because your calm and focus, super switched on, and you’re just drink in whatever it is you’re studying.

 On the downside, although your performance levels will go up, it’s only going to last for a short amount of time. For me, it’s peaking after 30 minutes, and a good dose of around 50 mg has significantly diminished within two hours.

 If I want to get some cognitive sharpness that is better than caffeine, but not overwhelming or long lasting, then coluracetam is a great tool to pull out of the nootropics toolbox.


How To Amplify And Prolong Coluracetam Using A Nootropic Stack

 One of the big problems with coluracetam is its aggressive in short term effects.

 To offset this you’re going to have to use a good choline source, and at a strong dose.

 At the very least a good coluracetam stack should be around 10 mg of Alpha-GPC per 1 mg of coluracetam dose.

 So if you are taking 40 mg, then at least 400 mg of Alpha-GPC is needed.

 Alternatively, you can stack coluracetam with some every day nootropics to increase your sharpness, and the effects of coluracetam cognitively:

  •  25 mg coluracetam
  • 250mg Alpha-GPC
  • 400 mg L-Theanine
  • 200mg caffeine

 I’m telling you guys you’ll feel incredibly sharp for a couple of hours with that coluracetam nootropics stack. But better than that, the coluracetam and the theanine will keep you nice and calm even though you are spiking in alertness and wakefulness.


Buying Coluracetam Online

 What you’re getting the coluracetam is a short-term boost cognitively. You won’t get much of a physical energy boost, but it will help your mental energy. For the best effects you have to stack coluracetam though.

 Just be aware that the more you spike acetylcholine, and you don’t balance it out, the more you can get a downturn in your mood, basically depression. So to offset that always make sure you have a strong and ongoing choline replacement source.

 As with everything, start with a small dose. Coluracetam has been known to cause mood swings and some people, depression and anxiety symptoms, especially at high doses. To start small and see what your tolerances. You need to work out what gives you the best cognitive benefits with the smallest risk of unbalancing yourself.

Buy Coluracetam CHEAP – Around $30! That’s really affordable, but you will need a suspension liquid if you want to make the most out of it sublingually, meaning getting the most instant hit.

 But if you want to just mix it with milk, then you can just mix in this cheap coluracetam powder for short lived but acute cognitive enhancer/immersion agent that likes supercharged caffeine in terms of stimulation.

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