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Thankfully, we live in a world where the Internet allows you to try every dubious substance with ease. A few mouse clicks, and the most untested chemical nonsense arrives through your letterbox a few days later. Cyclazodone is one of those very untested substances, and what I’m going to do here is review it thoroughly for you.

How does Cyclazodone compare to other oral stimulants, including amphetamines. How does it stack up against other stimulant nootropic drugs like Adderall, Phenibut, and modafinil?

There’s going to be a short history lesson, but don’t worry it will be a boring one. You learn everything you need to know about the development of this substance, whether it’s been tested, and what’s happened to it since then.

Plus, I’ll talk you through my own Cyclazodone experiences, and how they stack up against other nootropics in terms of effects, bad side effects, warnings, and I’ll also throw in some dosage discussion free of charge 😉


The History Of Cyclazodone

During the 1960s and 1970s amphetamine abuse in the USA and beyond was becoming insane. However, the benzodiazepine era was nearly over, mainly because governments tightened up legality (I’m looking at you, 1971 substances act).

Around that time, McNeil laboratories patented a class of molecules that they had discovered. They claim that these were going to meet the demand for new and safe compounds that demonstrate stimulant activity, but without the side effects and problems with things like liver toxicity.

Unfortunately, that compound became Aminorex, a crazy dangerous compound that turned out to be insane to take.

Initially developed in the 1960s by the American Cyanamid company, in 1971, learning from the mistakes, a French company filed a US patent for the crazily named new chemical compound. I think you’ll agree that 5-Phenyl-2-Cyclopropylamino-4-Oxazolinone isn’t exactly catchy and memorable, unless you have a chemistry masters.

More potent than Aminorex and Pemoline it was a stimulant, but with a safer therapeutic profile (in theory, other than the fact it destroyed the bodies and minds are quite a lot of rodents in labs), it was seen with great hope due to its low potential for toxicity in humans’ doses gave the maximum effects.

However, as with so many of the substances, Cyclazodone never completed full human trials, never went through FDA approval, and was never used for any purpose at all. Its chemical structure sat on various bookshelves for many years, until the new whizz kids online simply recreated it in grey market labs.


How Does Cyclazodone Work?

That’s the history lesson done with, but now let’s talk about how Cyclazodone works in the body.

It’s a novel stimulant that produces a focus enhancing, mentally and physically stimulating, set of effects that last for several hours.

It differs in structure from its parent chemical pemoline through its N-cyclopropyl group.

Having said that, in chemical structure, Cyclazodone is structurally closer to fenozolone and thozalinone than pemoline.

Don’t worry guys, I won’t bore you much more with chemistry, but the bottom line is Cyclazodone’s method of action has never been fully determined (I know you have heard that before with pretty much every nootropic chemical in use).

However, it does appear to be dopaminergic in its method of action. Pemoline has been shown to have a minimal affinity for that noradrenaline receptors, making it far less likely to have side effects compared to other CNS stimulants in the amphetamine class. We can therefore theorize that Cyclazodone has a similar lessened risk.


Cyclazodone Effects Good And Bad

Interestingly, people seem to have different experiences and effects using Cyclazodone.

Let me just highlight the Cyclazodone effects that most people mention:

  • Suppression of empathy
  • Dry mouth
  • Appetite suppression
  • Enhanced verbal fluency
  • Enhanced mental focus
  • Nausea
  • Nervous excitement and anxiety
  • Talkativeness and improved social interaction
  • Clean mental and physical stimulation
  • Ability to absorb and retain more information

If you’re familiar with nootropics, then you’ll realize that list that Cyclazodone has pretty much all of the same positive and negative effects as other substances described as a nootropic in nature.

However, with Cyclazodone, if you look on places like Reddit, you’ll get a lot of contradiction in those effects. That’s also my experience.

A lot of people talk about a lack, or suppression, of empathy. They become more determined and lose their people focus. As a dopaminergic drug, where increased dopamine enhances our desire to drive forward and succeed, that’s hardly surprising.

However, other people don’t mention empathy suppression, but actually say that become gentler and more empathetic in nature. I can testify to that, because after I’d taken some, I was on the phone to my girlfriend, and after discuss the experience, she said that I did come across as gentler and more focused on her than I usually was.

Now I’m not sure that a comment on how I am naturally, and perhaps she’s just calling me a selfish asshole most of the time, but that increased empathy and focus on other people is in stark contrast to what other people say when using Cyclazodone, so it evidently can differ between individuals.


My Experience With Using Cyclazodone As a Nootropic

Okay let’s get down to the meat of this Cyclazodone review by telling you about my own experiences when trying this stuff.

Now I’ve tried a lot of compounds over the years, and especially love Phenibut (very moderately because of those vicious withdrawal symptoms), modafinil, and I do love racetams and Noopept a lot as well.

What I don’t like those aggressive stimulants like Adderall, and other “proper” amphetamines. I’m also not keen on cocaine, I just don’t like the aggressive stimulation, and I don’t like the fact that it turns you into a babbling moron who doesn’t listen to anyone.

The first thing I will say about my Cyclazodone experiences is that you will not get a buzz. If you’re looking for that amphetamine buzz through your body and mind, you’re not going to get it.

This is far more subtle, in line with things like modafinil. You don’t even realize that it’s affecting you until you are coming out of the other side of the experience.

But what it did do for me was increase my mood. I felt good, real good, using Cyclazodone. Happy, positive, focus, I whizzed through the day happy as a lamb.

That’s hardly surprising as Cyclazodone in animal studies exhibited central nervous system antidepressant qualities, with a potency equal to most amphetamines.

It’s also a potent appetite suppressant. Not just while you are using it, but in the hours after it. If you take a good dose of Cyclazodone, you won’t eat much that day. You’ll need to drink plenty of water, that’s a given, but you just won’t want to eat.

So, I hate to say this, because of the negative connotations, but it does have an anorexic efficacy, which to me, had significant potency. Ladies, I don’t recommend it, especially if you’ve already got body issues or an eating disorder.

For me, Cyclazodone could be the perfect fit for people wanting to work out. Down the gym, time flies, and you’re hyper- focused. Plus, the appetite suppression makes it perfect for cutting fat.

What you’re getting with Cyclazodone is good wakefulness. A high level of alertness, and you’ll take in a lot more. You will have to work for it to be a productive hyperfocus.


Cyclazodone Side Effects & Warnings

One of the main Cyclazodone side effects I experienced personally is that appetite suppressive quality.

Now, that could be a positive effect for some people, but for others it could have incredibly negative outcomes. Be very careful if you’ve ever had a history of eating disorders, controlling food, or anxiety and depression.

Cyclazodone does make some people irritable, and even anxious. However, for me, it felt smooth, and I only experienced feelings of happiness and calm. It could be that increased and frequent usage can lead to anxiety and irritability?

At higher doses, Cyclazodone does give you a “god syndrome”. People report being detached, and overly inflated. Egotistical. That's common for high levels of dopamine. But it's something to stay clear of.

The other thing I need to mention is a rapid heart rate and high blood pressure. Some people have reported heightened blood pressure, and others have reported heart rate BPMs of up to 200 per minute.

BPM of 180 and higher is not safe, especially if you are then undertaking manic physical activity, like hyper- focused gym work.

So if you’re going to do anything physical, make sure you only take a low dose, and experiment with dosage carefully.

The self aware, monitor your heart rate, and get one of those home blood pressure monitoring devices. I’d also recommend that you get yourself checked out by a doctor to see if your blood pressure is within the normal range.


Cyclazodone Dosage: What Safe And Effective?

The caveat here is that no nootropic substances that aren’t regulated have ever been through human trials, so we don’t know what safe dosage ranges are.

However, we can get lots of anecdotal evidence online. You shouldn’t consider this dosage advice, this is merely a discussion on the dosage ranges that most people seem to take Cyclazodone within, and the Cyclazodone dosage that I first started with.

A lot of people talk about 20 mg a good starting dose. Others talk about 30 mg. In my experience, I wouldn’t really recommend higher than that first time out.

Most people seem to ceiling at 50 mg as a dose. Usually taken all at once, although I’ve seen some people suggest that they take doses a couple of hours apart, 25 mg each.

I’ve never been near this, but I’ve seen some people claim that they’ve taken doses of around 80 mg. That seems high to me, when 50 mg lasted all day for me, stop me sleeping, and still made me feel slightly different the next day.

For me, my advice with a new substances always the same. Start with a very low dose. In terms of Cyclazodone, perhaps as low as 10 mg. Then go 20 mg, 30 mg, you get the idea.


Where To Buy Cyclazodone……And Should You Try It?

I’ll finish this review by saying that Cyclazodone has never been tested on humans. As with so many nootropic substances, you are out in the wild West.

As long as you are aware of that, and you are sensible with dosage, then real-world negative side effects don’t appear to be that bad, especially in the short to medium term. Obviously long-term side effects and damage have never been established because it’s only been recently available as a nootropic online.

There are several great places that you can buy Cyclazodone online, along with many other nootropics and supplements.

I'll update this when I find good quality stuff again. But right now NOWHERE seems to be stocking smart drugs (China, Ukraine, Pandemic issues).

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