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The effects of green kratom can be incredible. But you won’t get those effects if you don’t get the dosage right, and do not using high-quality kratom.

Getting all that right is actually harder than you think. Also, there are some problems with people describing green kratom effects. They will say it’s wonderful, euphoric at high doses, they will tell you it’s the mild middle ground between the extremes of white and red vein kratom.

All of that is true, but also none of that is true!

So let me say straight here in this quick green kratom guide. I’ve used green kratom on a number of occasions, especially Green Malay, and I’ve had great experiences, and I’ve had one horrendous experience. So let me talk you through everything you need to know to buy it and use it successfully.


Green Kratom Explained

 Let me briefly talk you through exactly what green kratom is. Basically, you’ve got three types of kratom, based on the color of the vein in the leaf from the kratom tree:

  1. White kratom. This contains most alkaloids that are stimulant. Especially at low doses, white kratom is very stimulating. You’ll get good mental and physical energy, and an improvement in your cognitive skills. As the dose increases, you’ll get a rush, that develops into a high at larger doses, and then descends down into sedation as with all types of kratom.
  2. Red kratom. This contains an alkaloid profile that is increasingly pain relieving and sedating. At low doses, just like all kratom, it’s a stimulant. As the dose increases, so the alkaloids kick in that bring strong emotional and physical calmness. At very high doses, this leads to almost total sedation, which is common to all kratom.
  3.  Green kratom. This contains an alkaloid profile that somewhere in the middle between white and red kratom effects. At lower doses you’ll get the stimulant properties, and as the dose increases, so you’ll get an increasing euphoric high, mixed with increasing pain relief. At very high doses, just as with other kratom, it becomes increasingly sedative in nature.


So Is Green Kratom Better Than Red And White Kratom?

 A lot of people tell you that green kratom is better than red or white kratom, mostly because it’s more balanced and milder. So it’s more accessible is the claim.

However, in my experience that isn’t actually true. I actually had my worst ever kratom experience with green kratom.

I took too much. My heart rate went down, I was drowsy, I felt panicky, it was a bit like taking a huge amount of cannabis. I rode the waves, and after a couple of hours I came back down to normal.

But it wasn’t pleasant, and it showed me that the same dose of green kratom can have just as good, or bad, effects as the same dose of red and white kratom.

Let me tell you a little secret. Kratom isn’t actually all that different. The vein colors and strains, they aren’t as different as people make out. What is important is good quality kratom though.

If you’re looking for a balanced kratom, that moderate doses can give you energy, happiness, calmness, a bit of pain relief, and will just make you feel pretty damn good, then green kratom, something like green Malay or Borneo, is a good starting place.

It’s the middle ground, because it’s just not quite so energizing as white kratom, and not so sedating as red kratom. But don’t expect the differences between green, red, and white kratom to be as dramatic as you might think if you are just starting out with experimenting with kratom.


The Different Green Kratom Strains And How To Choose

 Nearly every different type of kratom has a green strain. Green Bali, Green Malay, Green Borneo, the gangs all there.

But the thing is, how different are these strains? Does it really matter which one you choose? Well, the answer is yes, but also known.

Yes, quality matters. The quality of the green kratom strain, as with any kratom, is crucial. It’s far more important than the actual strain you choose. The differences between strains are subtle, the difference between good kratom and bad kratom is cavernous.

So the first thing you need to do is to obtain good quality green kratom. Once you’ve achieved that, the strain is of secondary importance. But there are slight differences between the strains if you get good quality stuff.

For me, I’d always recommend you start with Green Malay. At high doses it’s quite euphoric without being overwhelmingly sedating (but be careful about that, depending on who you are, I’ll talk more about that in a moment).

But that moderate doses it’s quite energizing, you’ll get little rushes of energy and happiness, and you’ll feel very calm. It’s a brilliant middle ground kratom strain to try. But after that, try all the different green kratom strains to see how much difference there is, I’m telling you that you won’t notice a huge amount of difference. What’s important is the cognitive and physical benefits good quality kratom brings.


Green Kratom Dosage Guide And Practical Tips On Consuming

 So let’s take a look at green kratom dosage for you. There’s no such thing as a full kratom dosage guide, because everyone is different. How you react to kratom, the quality of the kratom, the type of kratom, it makes it impossible to give you any standard dosing advice.

All I can do here is give you some ballpark figures to work within:

  • Beginners dose up to 3 g
  • Moderate full-spectrum dose up to 5 g
  • Strong full-spectrum dose up to 7 g
  • Potentially overwhelming full-spectrum dose up to 10 g
  • Euphoric overwhelming dose above 10 g of green kratom

The key to this is working within the brackets. Your first time out, take 3 g of green kratom. If it’s high-quality, you’ll definitely feel little rushes of positivity, a feeling of calmness, and generally a little different. But it will be overwhelming or offer you the full-spectrum effects of green kratom.

Next time you do it, take 5 g. I’m guaranteeing you that you will have a fantastic experience if it’s good quality kratom. You’ll get calmness, pain relief, happiness, but still feeling focus and able to function.

But be careful above 5 g, because it can be too much for some people. Go a gram at a time. So go up to a dose of 6 g, and see how you feel.

Just be careful because kratom can make your breathing shallow, and lower your heart rate. This is especially prevalent at higher doses.

I’ll be honest, I had a bad experience with 7 g of Green Malay once. It made me feel really sedated, and my heart rate went down to 40 bpm, about half of what it should be.

I had to keep walking around, and even went outside to get fresh air. Plenty of water, and just made sure I didn’t sit down and settle because I could feel the sedation.

It doesn’t happen to anyone, and it was the only time it happened to me, just be careful with kratom dosing, and my advice is to start low, go slow, and only go up a gram at a time. And for God sake, don’t mix kratom with any other central nervous system depressants like alcohol.


How To Spot Good Quality Green Kratom So You Don’t Get Ripped Off

 If you’re looking to experiment with green kratom, there are a few key factors you need to consider to ensure that you get the best quality kratom:

  1. You should only buy kratom from an online vendor who specializes in kratom and other nootropics. Don’t go near kratom at gas stations, local outlets, head shops, places like that.


  1. The kratom you buy should smell fresh and earthy. It should not look like dust, and it should have a bitter taste.


  1. The kratom you buy should be foil packaged to preserve its freshness.


  1. The online then you buy it from should be a specialist. They will have good track record when you search online for them, be recommended, and demonstrate knowledge on their website.


  1. The kratom vendor you buy from should also offer moneyback guarantee and guarantees on the high alkaloid content of the kratom they sell.

If you'd like to read more about the differences and effects of green, red, and white kratom, then click here to read my guide to kratom vein colors.



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