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You may well have heard about Semax recently. It’s the nootropic that is getting the most buzz online right now, especially on sites like Reddit. But what’s the deal, how good is Semax?

In this review/guide, I’m going to cover everything you need to know about Semax, based on my initial research, and my own experiences.

I’m going to compare it to other top nootropics I’ve tried, as you can get a comparison. Racetams, modafinil, and also Selank (another smart drug getting a lot of positive talk around it right now).

So this is the ultimate guide to Semax. Easy to understand, covering everything you need to know, packaged up nicely for you to read in less than five minutes.


What Is Semax?

Semax (PGP) is a peptide. The peptide is a short chain amino acid with less than 50 chains in length. Above 50 chains it’s known as a protein.

Peptides are therefore small parts of proteins which are themselves hormones. In the case of Semax, it’s a peptide of a hormone called Adrenocorticotropic (ACTH).

Classed as a hepapeptide, Semax (MEHFPGP) is a synthetic analogue of ACTH.

It works by elevating levels of expression of something called BDNF, or brain derived neurotrophic factor, and its associated signaling receptor in the hippocampus.

It rapidly activates serotonergic and dopaminergic brain systems. If you have any idea about nootropics, you’ll recognize serotonin and dopamine being to crucial hormones relating to our ability be sharp, focused, and happy.

But more than that, its mechanism of action is thought to actually be through the melanocortin receptors.

Although these mostly deal with tanning, that’s not the whole story about these receptors. They were actually found, through studies into a peptide called PT-141 deal with sexual arousal, appetite, happiness, and some mental processes.

PT-141 is a peptide sold to sexual arousal, and as a mild nootropic.

So what you’re getting here is something that also works as a full agonist melanocyte stimulating hormone (aMSH).

What excites me about that is you are getting something which triggers a positive response into or more different hormonal groups.

It also stimulates release of cortisol from the adrenal gland. That helps to regulate glucose metabolism, which leads to more physical and mental energy.


Which Version Of Semax Is Best?

I want to clear some confusion up right here, because there are actually several different types of Semax available to buy on the nootropics grey market.

These the versions that you can get:

1. The original unmodified version of Semax, which is seven amino acids long. It’s cheap and easy to synthesize, that really doesn’t last long in the body.

2. N-Acetyl Semax is generally considered to be the best variant out there, and that was the case for me. It’s highly modified, and far more potent when taken.

3. N-Acetyl Semax Amidate is considered by many to be the strongest and most suitable construction you can buy. It’s the most modified variant from the original seven amino acids long chain, which might be the reason why. Also, because it contains and Amidate group, it lasts considerably longer. Semax half life is increased by around one third due to this.

4. Adamax is the latest version of the Semax hepapeptide. It has better absorption and a longer half life due to being constructed with three different groups attached to it. There is an acetyl group, and an adamantane group, which is also amidated. The net result of all that construction is it lasts longer, in the body, and it stops temperature induced structure breakdown, which is a huge problem with this type of nootropic.

Which should you buy? Well, people recommend all four of those I’ve just outlined above. Unfortunately, you’re just going to have to experiment to find which works best for you, depending on your budget.

I will just point out here that are currently doing a Semax spray bundle deal for just $116.

In that bundle, you will get spray bottles of Semax Acetate, N-Acetyl Semax Acetate, and N-Acetyl Semax-Adamax Acetate. So basically, all three of the advanced versions I’ve just mentioned, only excluding the original unmodified version which you probably wouldn’t want anyway.


Semax Effects & Benefits

Now we have educated ourselves a little bit more about exactly what Semax is, what it does, and how it works, let’s look at the exact Semax effects & benefits you can get if you try this stuff.

Broadly, these are the nootropic benefits it brings:

  • Can improve attention span
  • Increases memory retention and recall abilities
  • As potential neuroprotective properties
  • Enhanced perception
  • Potential ADHD symptom suppression
  • Can potentially trigger lucid dreaming
  • Potentiates other stimulant substances
  • Enhances speech fluency

I don’t have ADHD, so I can’t comment on if it can help to suppress the symptoms of that annoying condition. However, if you do suffer from ADHD and you are looking into something which could help you that doesn’t leave you drugs out of existence, and I will just say that Semax is broadly prescribed in Russia and old Soviet countries right now ADHD, as an alternative to more significant drug interventions.

Don’t take my word for it, look at what people on Reddit, who found Semax for sale, are saying:

“My favorite nootropic. Mood, anxiety, focus, memory and speech fluency all improved. Absolutely worth it. Even pairs well with weed.”

“Good stuff. Stimulating, mood lift, overall boosted cognition.”

“Potentiates other stimulant, and as a side bonus leads to consistent memory of 2+ dreams in their entirety”.


Semax Helps With Lucid Dreaming

I’ve tried this, and over a few weeks, there’s no doubt that Semax enhances your ability to not only remember dreams, but to be aware you are in them, and participate in them fully.

Lucid dreaming is a skill, but Semax definitely helps you to get into those dreams far more quickly than you usually can.

Give it a try. Take it one hour before you go to bed, and I promise you that within a week, you will notice a significant change not only in your dream recall, but your ability to be aware you are dreaming.

.cstole this – visit for the original

Semax Can Also Help With Potentiating Stimulants

I’ve also tried this, and it definitely works. Semax can potentiate other stimulant substances.

I’ve only tried it with caffeine and L-Theanine, but it definitely enhances the experience. Those two hours of increased focus and productivity will greatly be enhanced compared to using caffeine/theanine alone.

Semax will definitely potentiate other things as well. It may even potentiate the effects of kratom. Many users, as I’ve highlighted already, say that Semax works well with cannabis, keeps you sharp and lucid, even when you are heavily high.

As kratom is also a similar central nervous system depressant, becoming a full agonist of the opioid receptors at high doses, leaving people highly drowsy, it could be that Semax could allow you to ride that state through with far more clarity and drive. For me, that’s an exciting possibility if you are looking to buy kratom and experiment with that as well.


Semax Must Have Some Side Effects Though Right…..Right?

The brilliant news is that I haven’t experienced any side effects using Semax within what I would classify as “safe” dosage ranges.

However, and I’ll talk more about dosing in a moment, there is no actual determination of what say for every purpose.

But using the dosage ranges as prescribed in Eastern Europe for various purposes on humans, I have to say that the side effects don’t appear to really exist.

That’s only in the short term though. We don’t know if there are long-term side effects, just as we don’t know if there are long-term neuroprotective benefits.

However, one thing I will say is serotonin levels are definitely spiked by this drug. For 2 to 4 hours after using a nasal spray version, the levels of serotonin are significantly higher.

Studies have also shown a lower level increase of serotonin turnover at higher doses. So taking more doesn’t necessarily do more, and finding the sweet spot for you will really help to manage dosage ranges and minimize side effects.

The only side effect problem I can foresee is that it does mess around with serotonin levels. That makes it similar to antidepressants like SSRI’s, which also increase serotonin availability.

But what they can do if you stop taking them is decrease natural serotonin production, because your body isn’t being spiked and has got used to that kick to produce more. So if you are using this stuff too much, you could face a situation where your mood crashes, or if you have depression issues, they could get worse.

Because it messes around with dopamine and serotonin, I would be very cautious in taking it at large doses, or frequently, especially if you have had any historical problems with mood crashes, swings, or depression.

In fact, I saw someone online who had bipolar disorder, who said that they felt one hell of a lot worse after using this stuff, so be careful.


How To Take Semax: Dosage & Cycling

Semax doses are typically small. The dose will also depend on the type of Semax you are taking, so it’s a larger topic than I can cover here.

In the original version of the drug, doses as low as 50 mcg for use, but then also up to 3 mg.

In the more modern Acetyl versions, around 500 mcg seems to be typical, and up to 900 mcg in the acetyl-amidate version.

My advice is to go low and slow. Start at around 100 mcg. That’s quite a low dose, but people have reported effects being noticeable at even 50 mcg. If you get effects, only increase it a little, and keep doing that until you don’t really feel any more, and then step back.

Taking as little as you can, to get the maximum effects, and leaving a few days between doses can really help to minimize any tolerance or other problems.


Stacking Semax With Other Nootropics

Semax is incredibly potent, even at small doses. A couple of hours your lucidity, speed of thought, word formations, memory recall, creativity, and energy will be incredible, and then tail off dramatically over the next hour or so.

Some people give it a kick and mixing it with caffeine. But not just caffeine, the classic safe nootropic Stack of caffeine and L-Theanine.

What works best for me is 200 mg caffeine with 400 mg L-Theanine. 30 minutes later, get the kick with a dose of Semax. Then one hour later, another 200 mg of caffeine. I found that incredible, like a large dose of Sunifiram.

That is usually enough to give a significant 2-3 hour physical and mental productivity kick that’s one hell of a lot more than you can ever achieve naturally. I was you’ll have to experiment with what works best for you, but that’s the sort of range I would work within.


Semax Vs Selank

You’ll see a lot of people asking about the differences between Semax and Selank.

For me, they are completely different beast.

Selank is an analogue of something called tuftsin. It’s a peptide derived from an amino acid found in the immune system.

With the addition of a neuroprotective antioxidant called PGP, it increases neurotrophic activity.

PGP is also another name for Semax. So the two do contain the same active peptide. But that’s not the whole story with Semax, which also provokes higher dopamine and serotonin levels, so the two just produce totally different effects.

Where To Buy Semax

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