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Sunifiram is one of the newest members of the family of “smart drugs” called racetams.

The problem with all of these racetams is that not only are they constructed slightly differently, so the mechanism of action is different in each of them, but the effects people experience a slightly different as well. So although it’s a family of drugs, they are really quite wildly varied in the experiences they deliver.

So I’m going to do here is tell you everything you need to know about using Sunifiram based on my own experiences.

I’ll talk you through exactly what sort of Sunifiram experience and effects you can expect, and whether it’s good for both recreational and enhancing cognitive abilities.

Plus, I’m going to explain to you about the differences between Sunifiram powder, nasal spray, and capsules, so you can understand pricing, dosing, and how to take them to the best effect.

What Exactly Is Sunifiram?

Sunifiram is also known by the alphanumeric name DM-235, and online, in places like the Sunifiram and nootropics Reddit discussions, simply as “Sunny”.

It is a molecular simplification of Unifiram, and a direct derivative of another racetam called Piracetam.

It’s very modern, and was actually first synthesized in the year 2000. It’s a bit of a strange story really.

Some scientists at the University of Firenze, in Italy, created Sunifiram and experimented with it. They knew it was a cognitive enhancer, but they couldn’t really find a justified use for it, so they shelved their research.

Fast forward 10 years, and those same scientists had moved on, but amazingly, they discovered that the formula had been put online by the University, and had been copied by grey market smart drug lab companies.

The University did a follow-up study, and found that it was widely available around the world, used by thousands of people, and had been discovered to have superb nootropic effects.

Now the thing here, that might be surprising, is that Sunifiram is not a true racetam.

Racetams have a backbone of pyrrolidone, which Sunifiram doesn’t have in fact, it’s actually an AMPAkine, meaning that its mechanism of action is based in the AMPA receptors, a subgroup within the glutamate receptors.

So in truth, Sunifiram is a racetam derivative, and not a “true” member of the family.

How Sunifiram Works: Mechanism Of Action

I want to talk to you now a little bit about how Sunifiram works. Now the thing is, its mechanism of action is sort of known about, but nobody can really pin down exactly what it does.

The big clue is that it works within the glutamate receptors.

Glutamate is our main excitatory neurotransmitter. This works by the glutamate receptors, one subgroup of which are the AMPA receptors.

So Sunifiram works by enhancing the transmission of messages relayed through our excitatory transmitters in the central nervous system.

The effects of Sunifiram mainly manifest and hippocampus, which is where most hormonal neurotransmitters are managed.

Sunifiram Effects & My Experiences Explained

Because of how Sunifiram works, the main effects experience tend to be around the following:

  • Improved cognition
  • Calmness
  • A sense of well-being/happiness
  • Excitement

So it’s little wonder that people using Sunifiram feel cognitively sharper and more focused.

On the top of that, they feel calm and happy. And at higher doses, an increasing sense of excitement.

So it’s slightly dose dependent, and at lower doses you’ll get cognition and calmness, great for enhanced learning and dampening down anxiety.

At slightly higher doses you’ll get a strong sense of well-being on top of that, and it can lift you out of depressive thinking.

At very high doses, Sunifiram can produce a euphoria. People talk about the Sunifiram high, well, it can be very stimulating a large doses, leading to a euphoric experience.

I’ve never taken a large dose of Sunifiram, I’ve stuck to smaller doses around 5 mg, through to 10 mg.

My experiences with Sunifiram have all had the following benefits:

1. I definitely had an enhanced perception. Everything felt a little brighter and closer. Everything was sharper and more focused. I was in tune with everything around me. But it was barely noticeable at the time, it was afterwards I realized it had happened.

2. My concentration and cognitive speed were definitely enhanced. I could focus for longer, I felt sharper, and when it came to doing academic work, I was taking more in, and pumping more out. Laser focused is how I would describe it.

3. I felt far more motivated than usual. It was smooth and purposeful. At higher doses I don’t know if that would be the case, but it was well under control. I wanted to get things done, and I did it. Just make sure you have a list and stick to it, otherwise you’ll end up being focused and motivated to play Xbox for eight hours instead.

4. I sometimes suffer from slight anxiety. I didn’t get this with Sunifiram. I felt good, happy, focused and smooth. I felt the sunshine coming out, and it stayed for around three hours before gently drifting away.

Sunifiram & Similarities With Opiates

Interestingly though, Sunifiram has been found to stimulate another group of glutamate receptors, called the NMDA receptors.

NMDA receptor agonists inhibit the activity of the NMDAR receptor.

When under the influence of an agonist, this receptor increasingly reduces a dissociative anaesthetizing effect.

NMDA agonists include methadone, PCP, and ketamine. I’m sure you recognize those names. They have dissociative, euphoric, anaesthetizing, and hallucinogenic effects.

So what you’re getting at higher doses the Sunifiram is aspects of synthetic opiates like methadone, along with some of the feelings from drugs like PCP.

Little wonder then, that people talk about a genuine Sunifiram euphoria, euphoric high that gets them really happy, with a swimming head and a feeling of disassociation.

The other point I make here is that most NMDA agonists, if used at higher doses over a longer period of time camera can become addictive.

There is little evidence that Sunifiram at reasonable doses is highly addictive, but it’s definitely something to be aware of, especially when you it comes to dosing Sunifiram, and considering how often you should use it.

Is Sunifiram Powder Better Nasal Spray Or Capsules?

A lot of people advocate using Sunifiram nasal spray. You literally stick up your nose, spray a couple of times, and it gives you an almost instant hit. It does this because it’s not having to be processed in your stomach, it’s going straight through the thin nasal cavity lining, and into your bloodstream.

The downside is that Sunifiram nasal spray is really difficult to get hold. If you can, it’s often very expensive as well.

You can buy capsules of Sunifiram, but these can also be expensive. They are literally just the raw powder inside vegetarian medicine capsules.

You can make Sunifiram capsules yourself, simply by buying a little capsule machine off eBay for about $20. But it is quite a slow process.

You can just buy the raw Sunifiram powder. That’s very cheap, and it’s not that difficult to take because Sunifiram is water-soluble.

So my advice is to just buy the powder. It’s cheaper, and although not many people know this, you now do, it can just be mixed in with liquid (milkshake is great) and consumed.

You could also put the powder under your tongue, and take it sublingually, swallowing the rest down with a glass of water.

But you could also suspend the Sunifiram powder in a specialist suspension liquid of your own choosing. That’s a topic for another time, but it’s definitely another way that you can get the full dosage and experience.

Sunifiram Stacks Well With Noopept

One thing a lot of people don’t realize is that Sunifiram stacks with Noopept very well.

If you’re going to be stacking them together, you do have to be careful with dosage because of the intense effects you can experience.

If you stack the doses too high, you can get overstimulation mentally and physically, meaning that although you have focus, it will jump around all over the place and you’ll end up focusing on things aren’t important.

Also, the effects of Sunifiram stacked with Noopept build up. People seem to suggest (I’ve never tried this) if you take it for three days then the effects are maximized. What you do is stacks 5 mg of Sunifiram with 15 mg of Noopept, taken three times per day.

Just like how L-theanine calms the jittery effects of caffeine, so you can stack agmatine with your Sunifiram and Noopept to smooth out those effects that border on attention deficit disorder.

feeling high

Using Sunifiram For Recreational Use (Getting High On Sunifiram)

Now let’s get to the fun part by talking about the sort of experience with Sunifiram you can expect at high doses.

We are talking about a Sunifiram high here, a stimulating experience that really makes you feel incredibly happy.

When we talk about Sunifiram being “sunny” it’s literally like the sun coming up as it kicks in. This is enhanced massively at higher doses.

At high doses it stimulating, so you will feel really overstimulated. Your perception will be enhanced, your cognitive abilities will be enhanced.

But also it will kick depression and anxiety into touch. You’ll feel increasingly happy, delirious, full of sunshine and pleasure.

The problem is though that you will feel increasingly detached. It’s a detached euphoria, which means that although you will be chatty and interactive, it can be all about you. That can be boring for other people. It’s a bit like cocaine in that regard.

This disassociation can also be physical. At high doses, some people say they experience a physical numbness of the head and spine. Although it’s moving and thinking correctly, it feels detached, separate.

On the downside, coming down from a high of Sunifiram can be quite brutal, you’ll get the negative kicks all the way down, and when you hit the bottom, you’ll get withdrawal symptoms. That’s the same with pretty much any drug at high doses though, the key is not to do it too often.

Some people also report a rising wave of panic and anxiety at high doses. They have struggled to contain themselves, and have to fight not to freak out. I didn’t experience that though, even 30 mg.

So if you take too much, or you get a negative reaction to euphoric dose of Sunifiram, you could be in for basically a bad trip, where you feel anxious, rushing, numb, detached, dizzy, and unable to calm down for quite a few hours, including potentially overnight.

Sunifiram Dosage Advice & Half-Life Explained

First, let’s cover the half-life of Sunifiram. The truth is, nobody really knows. I’ve seen people claim that the half life is as low as two hours. For me, that doesn’t really add up.

But the half-life is definitely low, perhaps five or six hours, certainly you’re eliminating half of the dose easily within a few hours of taking it.

Let’s talk more importantly about dosage though. There are two things to consider here.

Firstly, it’s the frequency of the dosing. Some people take a dose in a single amount, others take the dose split up into two or three amounts.

Secondly, we are looking at times between those doses. If you are splitting the dose, how often do you dose?

I’ve only taking Sunifiram as a single dose, so I can’t really talk about multiple dosing is.

However, the consensus on Reddit seems to be taking the dose three times per day, so you’re splitting the dose up into three packets to be taken during the day.

For me, that means about three hours apart. Say you want to function at a higher level through the working day, or when studying. You take your first dose around 10 AM, your second around 1 PM, and your third around four or 5 PM. That will keep you going all day, and into the early evening.

Crucially, dosing morning, lunchtime, and late afternoon, allows the dose to eliminate itself by late evening, allowing you the chance to potentially calm down and sleep.

However, the alternative is to do as I do, and take the dose when you really need it, in its entirety. That way, within about 90 minutes, you’ll really be on it, completely, for two or three hours, with a slow taper down over another two or three hours.

In terms of the dosage level, I’d be looking at a dose of around 10 mg. You could go as high as 50 mg, which is convenient if you then want to dose it three times, it’s just 5 mg per dose.

Some crazies out there are taking 50 mg of this stuff. That’s nuts. I personally would never recommend going higher than 25-30 mg, even if you want to get a euphoric experience.

Should You Use Sunifiram Regularly?

My conclusion here, if you want to call it a review, is that Sunifiram definitely has strong cognitive effects.

You don’t need a big dose, only around 10 mg, to get a significant cognitive boost for a few hours.

At around 10 mg the sun will come out as well. You’ll feel brighter, happier, clear minded, and your depression and/or anxiety will taper down for a few hours as well.

Don’t dose to high, and don’t use Sunifiram regularly.

I would only suggest you use it at low doses around 10 mg twice per week, and if you want to get high on Sunifiram, just once per week.

Consistent high doses of Sunifiram, I’m talking over 10 mg, more than three times per week, does run the risk of some level of both dependency if you’re doing it for several weeks, and withdrawal symptoms.

Use occasionally though, Sunifiram can give you a cognitive boost when you want it. Say once per week, when you really need to hit hard with studying or creativity. Or you just need a cognitive boost and some happiness.

Don’t go for the liquid or nasal spray, because Sunifiram powder is dissolvable in water.

Sunifiram powder is dirt cheap to buy, and you can pick it up for around $35 for 10 g jar of powder.

Think that through. Even if you are hitting 50 mg per dose, that’s an incredible 10,000 mg in total, giving you a whopping 50 doses. If you’re going to be on using 10 mg, that’s 250 doses.

So for as low as $35, you can get 250 doses. That should keep you going for a couple of years! Just make sure that you use a highly accurate microscale so that you don’t accidentally overdosed.

My conclusion here is that this is a very affordable and tolerant smart drug. You’ll definitely get a cognitive boost, and you’ll definitely feel happy and sunny using it as well.

Just make sure you keep your doses as low as possible, and don’t dose more than three times per week. Also, if possible, have a break for a week or two when you are using frequencies of three doses per week.

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